In Esteyco we understand that investment in R&D+I is the key to maintaining and increasing growth, productivity and well-being in our society.

That is why our activity, which is carried out in a field with such a high social involvement as civil works (citizens are the users of our buildings and therefore our most demanding clients), cannot ignore development and innovation.

Our professional background, defined by our projects, is proof of the desire for innovation and improvement that we have always shown. Our projects include the development and application of new structural solutions, innovative construction procedures and new materials that have undoubtedly contributed to the progress of knowledge in the field of civil engineering and building construction. With the same idea, we have also collaborated and participated actively in the drawing up of new design regulations and guidelines.

We must mention the decisive stimulus provided by Esteyco to the creation of advanced engineering companies such as KNOSSOS, working in knowledge engineering within the telecommunications and information engineering sector, KINESIA, working in static and dynamic monitoring of structures, and WASSER, working in water engineering.

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