Esteyco Energía has a variety of professionals with complementary skills, which allow for the development of complex projects. The day by day of the Esteyco Energía professionals is cooperating with international teams and participating in a wide range of projects all over the world.

The work team formation is based on recruiting talent and giving the opportunity to participate in some of the most interesting projects in this area. Freedom and support to innovation attracts the most prestigious engineers to Esteyco Energía.

Some of the most emphasized profiles that we can find in Esteyco Energía are:

Javier Rui-Wamba Martija President of Esteyco

Javier Rui-Wamba was born in September 1942. Master Civil Engineer, at the age of 23, by the Universidad Politécnica in Madrid. He worked in Cubiertas y MZOV in the project and the construction of the bridges for the Plan Sur of Valencia. In 1969, he worked as an engineer during one year for Freyssinet in Paris. When he returned, in January 1970, he founded the Society of Engineering Esteyco. Since then, he has developed his professional activities, managing a multidisciplinary team. Currently, with more than a 100 people in the offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Málaga, it has developed more than 1.000 projects and work management from all kinds of structures, civil works and architecture.

During 17 years he was teaching Structures and Metallic Bridges at the Civil Engineers School in Madrid, until 1991. He was also honorific teacher at the Polytechnic University of Cataluña.  He has been the President of Asociación Española de Consultores en Ingeniería (Asociación Nacional miembro de Fidic, Efca y Fepac)  (Spanish Association Engineering Consultancy), member of honour of the ATEP, and ETAP medal for his contribution to the development of prestressed concrete in Spain, Construmat Award 1993.

Merit Medal of the National Association of Professional Civil Engineers, , and guest speaker in Argentina, France, Uruguay and Spain.

Elected member of the Royal Academy of Engineering (March, 1997).

Member of the Real de Bellas Artes in  San Fernando. July-02.

President of the Esteyco Foundation, which he founded in 1991.

Miguel Angel Fernández Gómez President of Esteyco Energía

Member of ESTEYCO’s Board, President of ESTEYCO ENERGIA and Representative of the ESTEYCO FOUNDATION. He is a Civil Engineer, specialised in Transportation, who got the best qualification of 1971.

He has developed his whole career in ESTEYCO, where he started working in the year of its establishment in 1970. He has participated, therefore, in the majority of the work done by ESTEYCO, particularly devoted to Structures Detailed Designs and Works Management. Some outstanding projects along his career are the “Expo '92” in Seville, the Olympic Games in Barcelona and the Forum of Cultures. Wastewater Treatment Plants, wastewater discharge pipes, canals, reservoirs and desalination plants are also part of his professional work, as well as linear engineering, highways and high-speed and conventional railway detailed designs.

He is President of INNEO TORRES, a society dedicated to make innovations in the wind energy sector, and has designed and patented precast concrete towers for high power wind turbines, with heights of up to 140 m.

As a member of ESTEYCO’s board he is promoting, together with the President, the modernization of the management in ESTEYCO, and the essential generational shift to ensure the future of the company, both professional and corporate assets.

Board Member of Sea Wind Towers, a firm specialized in the development of offshore towers.

International Works and Projects: Bulgary, Iran, Irak, Belgium, France and Brazil.

José Serna García-Conde Managing Director

Jose Serna is managing Director of Esteyco Energía, a company which provides engineering services related to infrastructures in the energy sector with a 15 year track record in wind energy. He has worked and directed projects and consultancy services for over 100 winds farms worldwide, with particular focus on geotechnical and structural engineering. In particular, he has been responsible for the research and design engineering teams behind the Inneo Torres precast concrete towers, a proven concept to higher performance towers which has been pioneer worldwide. He has written papers and held conferences on the matter in several congresses and post- graduate courses. He received an Msc in Civil Engineering, and he has worked in the design and construction of many types of building and civil structures. Mr Serna’s book “los puentes del tren” (Bridges for the railway) was published in 2006.

Manfred Petersen MSc Civil Engineer Head of Foundations Structural Department

He was born in Valparaiso, Chile, in August 1962. MSc Civil Engineer from the University of Aachen (RWTH-Aachen) in 1988. Title approved in Spain in 1997 (ICCP).

He did Practices in construction companies in Germany and Chile. He worked in Germany, in the Ingenieurbüro Friedrich & Feld, Bad Honnef, from 1988 to 1996, developing projects and supervising structural calculations for bridges and buildings.

In 1997 he moved to Spain as part of the Esteyco structural team in Madrid He has participated in projects of roads, high-speed lines and unique buildings.

In the architecture and construction area to emphasize : the Palace of Exhibitions and Fairs and Exhibition Malaga, enlargement of the Museum Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid, the Photovoltaic Platform for the Forum 2004 in Barcelona. Liquefied Gas tanks in India and Qatar. Prestressed concrete digesters. Wastewater treatment plants. Project and Construction Management of civil engineering works of DSA2 and DS3 Antennas for Deep Space Cebreros, in Spain, and Malargue, in Argentina for the ESA. Foundations for wind turbines. Supervision of the structures of over a hundred sections of highways for the Ministry of Public Works. Monitoring of bridges and Metro stations for GISA.

Speaker at several conferences (ACHE, ICT, etc.). Takes part of the work group GT5 / 5 of the ACHE: “Design of concrete structures under the effects of the deformations imposed."

In 2010 he joined Esteyco Energy, working on projects for foundations and precast concrete wind turbine shafts.

Juan Manuel Sánchez Herrero Project Manager

Mines Engineer, Universidad de Oviedo, 1998.

He has worked since 1998, making an evidence of his professional experience in road and rail tunnel.

For 8 years he worked in GRUPISA INFRASTRUCTURAS (Company Ferrovial Group) as a head of operations and Maintenance of the tunnels of the M-40 (El Pardo, Artificial Tunnel and Superposed walkways) and M-23 (O'Donnell) and others such as consultant from A-1 (Somosierra). He has also served as Head of Management Traffic Control Center of the M-40 in the operation.

Since 2006 he has been working in Esteyco, first as Head of tunnels on the construction project Guadarrama Tunnel Rail (28,774 meters in length) arranged in the new rail access to the North and Northwest of Spain, corresponding to that of High Speed Line, combining the post with the implementation and monitoring of projects and works for several clients, including most notably the bridge over the River Henares in Guadalajara, inspections of the foundations of towers in various wind farms, etc.

Currently performs his job as Project Manager in the company Esteyco Energía.

Ramón López Mendizábal Technical Manager

Master Degree in Civil Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Specializing in Foundations and Structures, 1999.

He has 14 years of experience in multidisciplinary projects within the civil engineering. He has been responsible as Project Manager and Works Manager of numerous national and international engineering projects in Road, Rail, Structure and Wind Energy.

Throughout his professional career, include his participation as responsible in projects such as the development of precast concrete towers for wind turbines, project detail over 100 new bridges of all types and materials, more than 25 rehabilitation also bridges and other structures, building projects, shopping centers, parking areas, railway stations, etc..

He has participated and participates in various Working Groups of the Association of Structural Concrete (ACHE), having been speaker at seminars for the dissemination of publications of this Association.

He regularly takes part in congresses and technical seminars worldwide, having been speaker in different conferences both Bridges and Wind Energy held in Europe and America (Madrid 2008, Zaragoza 2005, Copenhagen 2012, Vienna 2013 and Rio de Janeiro 2011).

Ana Bielza Feliú Geologist Head of Geotechnical Engineering Department

She was born in Madrid in 1973.

She graduated in Geology from the “Universidad Complutense de Madrid” (UCM) in 1996 and has a Master in Geological Engineering from the UCM.

She worked as a freelance in geology and geotechnics between 1998 and 1999.

She also worked as a Technical Assistant in geological projects of the European Union for the Geological and Mining Institute of Spain in 1999.

She worked between 2000 and 2002 in Prospecting and Geotechnics in Madrid as a specialist in geological engineering, being involved in road and railways, foundations and slope stabilization designs.

She is part of the Esteyco geotechnical team in Madrid since December 2002.

She has participated in roads, High-Speed lines and unique building designs. We have among her last works her collaboration in writing projects such as the Improvement of the Junction O'Donnell - M-30, the fly under of the M-30 under the “Avenida de la Albufera” and the Príncipe Pío Interchanger, all in Madrid. Other projects are: the extension of the railway to Tarrassa, stretch UPC / Valparadis-Can Roca, an Informative Study of the Catalan railway “Eje Transversal Ferroviario”, the Mediterranean Corridor Railway LAV Connection, the Alcover - Perafort stretch, the Lanave - Caldearenas stretch of the Mudéjar dual carriageway, in Huesca, the Project of the South Branch Stretch, “Onda” Tunnel to “Fanzara” Tunnel for TRASAGUA, the Civil Works Project for deep space antenna in Cebreros (Avila) for the ESA, the study of foundations for the implementation of wind farms and the Geologycal and Geotechnical monitoring of more than fifty stretchs of dual carriageways for the Ministry of Development.

She is the author of the book “Manual de Técnicas de Mejora del Terreno” (Manual of Ground Improvement Techniques) Editorial Entorno Gráfico (1999).

As additional training she has attended numerous congresses, seminars and conferences on geological engineering, soil and rock mechanics, foundations, etc.

She is a member of the Rock Mechanics and Soil Mechanics Spanish Societies.

Carlos Fernández Cabrera Physic Head of Civil Works Department

He is Physic at the Autonomous University (Madrid).

ESTEYCO professional partner. With more than 10 years of experience in multidisciplinary projects within the civil engineering. He has been responsible as Project Manager of numerous national and international projects.

In 2012 he joined ESTEYCO ENERGIA as Head of the Civil Works Engineering Department.

Regularly participates in conferences and technical seminars, nationally and internationally.

Ricardo Gil Sánchez Civil Engineer Head of Pathologies Department

He graduated in Public Works Engineering from the Polytechnic School of Public Works, University of Extremadura (Spain), promotion of 1997, specializing in Hydraulic Works.

He began his professional experience in the construction company Germán Gil SA for which he intervened in works such as the beaching ramp and dike extension of the port of Chipiona, Walkways in “Plaza del Agua” or disassembly of Alfonso XIII Bridge over the Guadalquivir river basin (Sevilla).

He joins the professional team of Esteyco, SA in 1997 to draft designs and manage civil engineering, architecture and urbanism works. Among the last works he has done we can mention the drafting of the design to expand the C-153 road bridge over the Ter River in Roda de Ter. He worked for the “Diputación de Barcelona” carrying out the consulting and assistance in the design drafting and the works monitoring of the platform strech: Sant Joan Despi - Can Tunis in the High-Speed line Madrid - Zaragoza - Barcelona - French border. For the Body “Gestor de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias” (GIF) he carried out the Design and Construction Management of the new footbridge over the Segre River in Lleida and spillways design from the”Plaça del Països Catalans” to the “Riera de les Arenes” through Montcada Road. For the City Hall of Terrassa he did the Technical Assistance for the setting of design criteria for the “Forum” Esplanade. For “Infraestructures 2,004”, Barcelona, he has participated among others in the drafting of the new ring road design in Malaga.

As additional training he has completed specialized studies related to road infrastructure, construction techniques and construction safety.

Esther Porras Salas Civil Engineer Works Department

Public Works Engineer. Polytechnic University of Extremadura, specialized in hydrology, 1998.

She joined the professional team of Esteyco in April 2000.

She has been an active member at the Works department as part of Technical Assistance and Works Management teams, participating in civil engineering, building and urbanism projects.

She is a Health and Safety Technician and has specific training in Environmental Management Works.

She collaborates with INNEO TORRES, a company specialized in developing, manufacturing and installation of precast concrete wind towers in various parks and the development and implementation of the Quality Management System.

Enrique Rechina Mateos Draftsman Drawing Office

Draftsman with an extensive experience in structure projects, roads and railway layout, urban planning and architecture.

In 2001 he started in ESTEYCO and in 2010 he joined ESTEYCO ENERGIA team.

In the last years he has been specializing in wind energy, collaborating in the design of precast concrete towers for INNEO TORRES and special foundations

Oscar Ortega Martínez Draftsman Drawing Office

He has experience working from 1999 to 2008 as a specialist draftsman in reinforced concrete, metal or mixed structures, as well as in every kind of foundation.

He joined ESTEYCO ENERGIA in 2008, participating in the development of civil works. He has specialized in wind power, collaborating in the design of precast concrete wind towers for INNEO TORRES and special foundations projects.

Carlos Cortés Lahuerta MSc Civil Engineer Structural Engineering Department

Civil Engineer specialized in Structures and Foundations, graduated in 2008.

Before joining Esteyco Energía team in Barcelona in March 2012 he did three internships in Intemac, quality assurance company that controls projects, materials and construction for civil construction and buildings.

After that, he worked a year and a half in Iberinsa, at the Department of Bridge projects; and another year and a half in GMSLLP New York, structural engineering consultants, involved in several rehabilitation and reformation projects for buildings.

As a part of the Esteyco Energía team, he is part of the structural department, which the precast concrete pieces of the wind towers.

Javier Mateu Restori Building Engineer Towers Design Department

Professional experience from 1999 to 2009 as a draughtsman specialized in reinforced concrete, metal and composite structures, as well as in all types of foundations.

From 2010 to 2012 specialized technician focusing on the design and assembly of metal steel structures and stainless steel metalwork.

Since 2012 he is a member of the personnel of ESTEYCO ENERGÍA where he has participated in civil work projects specializing in wind energy, designing prefabricated concrete wind towers and special foundations.

Esther Blanco Labrado Geologist Geotechnical Engineering Department

Esther Blanco started his professional career in applied geophysics and instrumentation for civil works, especially for high speed rail projects.

With more than 10 years’ experience, she has conducted a wide variety of surveys in tunnels, slopes, open excavations for foundations, railway platforms, etc.

She has carried out too, the supervision of a large number of geotechnical works for corridor and renewable energies projects as well as reports drafting.

As Geotechnical technician in Renewable Energies, she has carried out wind farms and power plants geotechnical studies revision and fieldworks supervision, giving technical support for geotechnical matters and foundations design, international wide.

She regularly attends technical seminars and conferences related to Engineering Geology and Renewable Energies.

Sandra Pérez Manzanares Draftsman Drawing Office

Working experience as a designing draftsman in different projects related to road and railway layout as well as development projects.

Since 2009, she is part of ESTEYCO staff and in 2011 she became part of ESTEYCO ENERGÍA. Since then, she has participated in different civil work and wind energy projects, designing pre-cast concrete towers and special foundations.

Jacobo Cotelo Ferreiro MSc Civil Engineer Towers Design Department

MSc Civil Engineer and member of Esteyco Energía’s Structures Department.

International experience as structural engineer, designing buildings, bridges and specialty structures in Barcelona and Edinburgh.

Throughout his professional career, include his participation as responsible in projects such as the rehabilitation of the High Speed Train Station of Barcelona – Sants, the new 9 line of the Metro of Barcelona, rehabilitation also buildings and other structures, building projects, shopping centers, etc..

In 2003 course an European Internship in Catania (Sicily – Italy) with Proteo Spa working in advance hydraulic systems.

Miguel Sánchez Gómez MSc Civil Engineer Foundations Structural Department

Master Civil Engineer at the University Alfonso X “El Sabio” (Madrid) in 2009.

In 2006, he started a traineeship of one year in a consulting company preparing the calculation of different structures like piles or diaphragm walls.

In August 2011, he worked in New Delhi (India) to participate in the redaction of tender documents of “DDC for Civil, Architectural and E&M Works of Underground and Elevated stations for proposed Phase III corridor between Janakpuri (West) to Botanical Garden (Line-8) of Delhi Metro Project”.

Since July 2012 he works in the technical department of ESTEYCO ENERGÍA having designed and calculated several foundations.

Miguel Ángel Sánchez García Draftsman Drawing Office

Draftsman with more than 10 years of experience in architectural and urban planning projets, reinforced concrete, metal or mixed structures, as well as in every kind of foundation.

He has experience as a technician focusing on the design and assembly of metal steel structures and stainless steel metalwork.

In 2012 he joined ESTEYCO ENERGÍA.

Álvaro Urruchi del Barrio MSc Civil Engineer Structural Engineering Department

Graduated in Civil Engineering in the University of Cantabria in 2011, with a Master Degree in Civil Engineering Research obtained in the same university in 2012.

Part of his studies were performed at the University of Rhode Island as part of the bilingual exchange program “Cornell-Cantabria Undergraduate Engineering Program”.

He started his professional career in the Research Group in Applied Construction Technology (GITECO) where he worked for a year and a half and when he was involved for the first time in the wind energy sector.

He participated in several research projects in collaboration with companies such as Iberdrola o Gamesa, always dealing with concrete structures for wind turbine generators.

He later continued with his professional career in CALTER Ingeniería for another year, performing the structural design of concrete structures for wind turbines or other singular structures.

During this time he has attended several congresses related with concrete structures for wind turbines and all the related problematic such as FraMCoS, or courses organized by INTEMAC on foundations for wind turbine generators.

Since 2013 he works at the offshore department in ESTEYCO ENERGÍA as a Project Engineer.

Roser Valls Vidal MSc Civil Engineer Head of BOP Projects

Roser graduated with an MSc Civil Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Catalunya in 2009, having completed part of studies at TUDelft (The Netherlands).

Roser previously graduated with a Bachelor degree specialised in Civil Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalunya in 2006. Roser completed two Masters Theses in the Department of Construction Engineering at the UPC. Both were related to the behaviour of fiber reinforced concrete for different structural solutions.

Roser joined Esteyco in September 2009. She has been an active member of the structural department participating in the design of road, railway and building projects. In addition to design work she has also acted as the DSR (Designer´s Site Representative) on a number of projects.

Regarding international projects she has taken part in the Temporary Works Design Department, in FCBC (Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors) for the construction of the cable stayed Queensferry Crossing in the Firth of Forth, Scotland. In the wind sector, she was the DSR for the foundations in Talinay Wind Farm in Chile (90MW).

In addition she was the DSR on a project which involved the strengthening of five road bridges needed for the construction of the Carapé Wind Farm, Uruguay. As well she has participated in a numerous projects in the wind sector related to foundations design and civil works design.

Currently Roser is leading project teams on several foundation design projects, geotechnical investigation and reports, as well as the civil and electrical engineering elements of wind farm design in several different countries such as Chile, Brazil and Mexico

Andrea Llop Sos MSc in Industrial Engineering Electrical Engineering Department

Ingeniera Industrial por la Universidad Jaime I en la promoción de 2011, con un Máster en Ingeniería y Gestión de las Energías Renovables por la Universidad de Barcelona obtenido en 2013.

Es durante su proyecto final de carrera y en su primera experiencia laboral en Endeka (2011) cuando toma primer contacto con el ámbito de las energías renovables, desarrollando un sistema de cogeneración para la industria química.

Posteriormente profundiza en las energías renovables en su tesis final de máster así como, en su carrera profesional. Compagina sus estudios de máster con la experiencia laboral en una consultoría energética, Adymus, como ingeniera de proyecto de eficiencia energética, en Barcelona, encargándose de diversas tareas entre las que se incluían la elaboración de memorias técnicas y certificación energética de edificios, durante medio año.

Ha participado en diversas conferencias relacionadas con el ámbito eléctrico, las energías renovables y las Smart Cities, complementando su formación con diversos cursos independientes realizados por el Colegio de Ingenieros Técnicos Industriales de Barcelona o la Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, entre otros.

Actualmente desarrolla su actividad en ESTEYCO, donde ejerce su trabajo en el Departamento de Tecnología como Ingeniera de proyectos en el ámbito eléctrico de la energía eólica.

Arnau Colomés Gené MSc Civil Engineer Towers Design Department

Graduated in Civil Engineering in the Polytechnic University of Catalunya (UPC) in 2013, with a Master Degree in Engineering and Management of Renewable Energies in the University of Barcelona (IL3-UB) in 2015.

He worked in TARRAGONA PORT AUTHORITY, being involved in the infrastructures department with projects related to soil study an geotechnics. He later collaborate with PROADVENG Ingenieros Consultores S.L. developing structural projects for several local authorities.

Since 2014 he works in ESTEYCO first at the R&D division and later at the Towers Area as a junior engineer. He also has participated in several I+D projects, managing patents and IP portfolio of the company.

He has participated in several courses and seminars in the field of IP protection, specifically related to patents and utility models.

Ángel Díez García MSc Civil Engineer Towers Design Department

Civil Engineer, with 5 years of experience in Civil Engineering designing structures, acting as technical assistance to the site management, work supervision and structural pathology analysis.

Its experience is highlighted in the design concrete foundations for wind turbines and tower to foundation interfaces in more than 35 countries as well as the pathology analysis of foundations, from the design of the inspection and testing campaign, the structural strengthening design to the technical assistance and work supervision.

Speaker at EWEA 2014 in Barcelona. Teacher in several courses about foundation design by applying FE models and civil engineering for wind farms.

Baptiste Boyet Power Engineer Electrical Engineering Department

Bachelor’s and Master´s degree in Power Engineering from ENSIP. It is during his studies that he first took contact with renewable energy engineering projects, both undertaking his Master´s degree final project on modelling thermo-electricity principles for car exhaust gas heat recovery, and carrying out a 6 month engineering internship at VastSolar, in a remote area of Australia, developing concentrated solar power plant technology while VastSolar was building the first Australian grid connected CSP plant in 2014.

Wiling to dedicate his career to the renewable energy field, he attended several events such as conferences about its development. The last conference he attended was THETIS-EMR international conference in 2015 in Nantes, a marine renewable energy conference, impulse him to study a master´s degree in Marine engineering at UPC, with the aim of contributing to the challenging development of this relatively new and promising industry.

Since 2016 he is working as a Project Engineer in the Department of Technology of ESTEYCO, contributing to different projects within the area of electrical engineering, wind power and photovoltaics.

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