Quality and environment

The Quality and Environment Policy adopted by Esteyco is a logical consequence of the principles that have governed and modelled its way of being and acting since its creation.

In establishing its Quality and Environment Policy, Esteyco has dealt with the three requirements that this involves:

definition and documentation of the policy
establishment of objectives and goals
commitment to quality and the environment

It must also ensure that its policy is understood, implemented and updated at all levels of its organisation:


Understands its activity as a chosen vocation, in the awareness that the quality of its services is a guarantee for the future, and in the belief that this is shown in the results of its work and in the style of its professional relations. Esteyco therefore has a commitment to satisfying the technical and legal requirements of its customers, with the aim of achieving their fidelity and consolidating the business.

The Management of Esteyco is aware of the need to comply with legislation on Quality and the Environment. Therefore, one of the essential points of the company's Quality and Environment Policy is ensuring compliance with European, national, regional and local legislation that is applicable to environmental questions. It adopts an approach of permanent adaptation to legislation, with a view to preventing pollution and continually reducing the environmental impacts caused by Esteyco's activity.

It is a sound, independent, flexible and multidisciplinary organization that allows us to carry out highly varied activities. It maintains long-term, stable relationships with other highly specialized teams that integrate naturally into its organization in order to complete and extend its in-house resources when the nature of the requested service so requires.

It uses highly advanced computer systems to carry out the many aspects of its work. It makes large investments in human and material resources in order to keep its computer equipment up to date at the service of the creativity and productivity of all the staff.

It is aware that the final quality of a project depends on the quality of service provided by the engineering firm in each stage of planning, design and management of the works. In many cases it has intervened in all three stages and the overall experience acquired favours the quality of the service that it provides when it intervenes in any of the individual stages.

All the staff must contribute to the development, maintenance and assessment of the Quality and Environment System and the elements of which it is composed, reporting problems when necessary, suggesting improvements, cooperating in audits and readily adopting the established practices rather than alternative courses of action that have not been approved.

The heads of the specialised areas must use their authority and responsibility to establish procedures of action for the members of their team, according to the general established policy.

In terms of resources and staffing, the heads of the teams must determine the level of competence, experience and training necessary to ensure the capacity of the members of their teams.

The Management of Esteyco provides the necessary measures to ensure that its Quality and Environment Policy is understood through effective communication. Effectiveness is achieved through four essential and successive steps: attention, understanding, acceptance and action. Without these, there can be no true understanding of the Quality and Environment Policy.

As a conjunction of the points mentioned above, Esteyco is currently undergoing a process of continual Quality Improvement to increase the efficacy and performance and environmental behaviour of all the elements of the company. This involves promoting the conservation of resources through reuse and recycling, adopting processes that reduce the use of raw materials, energy and water, and reducing waste generation in current and future actions.

With the aim of ensuring that the policy is understood at all levels of the organisation, the following measures are planned:

An initial debate between the members of the management of the company, in order to establish a uniform interpretation before any decision or document is made public.
The announcement to all the staff and to all those who are working in our name that there exists a Quality and Environment Policy affecting everyone at all levels.
A public declaration of this policy by displaying the philosophy of Quality and Environment in key places in order to attract the attention of all those who work for the organisation.
Provision of the necessary training and instruction to all persons affected.
Checking the degree of understanding that has been reached at all opportunities: meetings, publication of procedures, examination of mistakes, etc.
Adoption of measures whenever misunderstandings arise.
Periodical reviews by the Quality and Environment Committee.

In all this it must not be forgotten that time must be allowed for an understanding to be reached.

Javier Rui-Wamba Martija

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