Our Services

Esteyco is company of proven competence, with large and unique experience in wind energy civil engineering, offering a wide staff of well prepared professionals with multidisciplinay capabilities.

Esteyco is renowned as a specialist in geotechnical and structural engineering, and is often demanded for delicate problems requiring fast and reliable analysis and action.

Esteyco is committed to the agile response required by the sector.

Esteyco´s large and varied experience makes it a company capable of:

Define and manage Geotechnical investigations
Foundation geotechnical engineering and optimization
Engineering for road, platforms and other civil works
Foundation structural design and optimization
Tower structural engineering
Water and drainage engineering
Experienced consideration of crane and transport requirements
Certification of designs according to IEC and GL or DNV
Implementation of any european or local standard
Technical assistance to the site
Assistance to quality control
Research and development for improved and more competitive designs

Esteyco´s energy infrastructure division, Esteyco Energia, is a rapidly growing company with the expertise and the resources required to provide continued quality and agile services to stable clients.

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